Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Scottish Christmas Fairy

I am a little fairy
On tap o' the Christmas Tree
It's no' a job I fancy
Well how would you like tae be me

A tarted up wi' tinsel
It's enough to mak ye boak
An a couple o' jaggy branches
Rammed up the back o' your frock

An' these wee lights a'roon me
I canna get my sleep
An' there's the yearly visit
Fae Santa - Big fat creep!

On Christmas Day I'm stuck up here
While you're a' wirin' in
An' naebody says "Hey you up there
Could you go a slug o' gin?

It's nae joke bein' a fairy
The job's beyond belief
You've got to go roon' the wean's beds
An' lift their rotten teeth

But o' a' the joabs a fairy gets
An' I've mentioned only some
The very worst is sitting up a tree
Wi' pine needles up yir bum

When a' the fairies meet again
By the light of' the silvery moon
Ye can tell the Christmas fairies
They're the
wans that canna sit doon

The Christmas tree's a bonny sight
As the firelight softly flickers
But think o' me I'm stuck up here
Wi' needles in my knickers

So soon as Christmas time's right by
An' I stop bein' sae full o' cheer
I'll get awa back tae Fairyland
An' I'll see yous a' next year.

Thanks go to East Vets Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh) for the poem

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas to all our readers

Fiona Roger and Helen Faulds -- Click to enlarge Captain Helen Faulds, Vice Captain Fiona Roger, your webmaster Carol Fell and all the Committee wish the West Vets and website visitors a very Merry Christmas
To see your Christmas Card Click Here

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little socks have raised lots of cash

Emma Wilson with her little pink socks --
EMMA WILSON, from Kirkcaldy, (the Midlands Vets Vice Captain) lost her 87-year-old mother to breast cancer last year.

Afterwards she started raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and was slightly surprised when they got in touch to ask if she’d undertake a challenge to raise £1000

A Message from Emma
I can report I am taking a cheque for £775 tomorrow and my total so far is £2978. If any club or person wishes to collect I have plenty wee pink socks knitted just let me know.

It is great to have cheerie news instead of credit crunch all the time.

A huge thanks to all how have contributed.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The 2008 West Vets AGM

Fiona Roger, Helen Faulds and Pat Walker - Click to enlarge Fiona Roger (Vice Captain), Helen Faulds (Captain) and Pat Walker (Past Captain)

Captain Pat Walker welcomed everyone to the 40th Annual General Meeting of the West Vets AGM at Cowglen Golf Club yesterday . She said "I suppose this is our Ruby Do! "

Forty years ago the AGM would appear to have taken place in the Automobile Club where a room was rented for a cost of six Guineas. She said "I think you’ll all agree that parking is a lot easier here."

Their were 38 apologies which were accepted as read. This was followed by a very detailed financial account from our Treasurer Lilias Snodgrass who informed us that on alternate years we have a surplus and deficit amount of money within our finances due to Home and Away fixtures. She thanked Captain Pat Walker's husband John for going over the West Vets accounts in great detail with her which she very much appreciated. She finally said how much she had enjoyed being Treasurer over the last 4 years ---

Lilias and Sheila - click to enlarge

Lilias Snodgrass and Sheila Shaw

Captain Pat continued " You must all be aware from the AGM notice that Lilias will be handing over to Sheila Shaw of Lochwinnoch who is going to be our new Treasurer."
"For the past four years Lilias has been extremely accurate and careful in keeping our affairs in order. She was completely reliable and the answer to any query was always at her fingertips. This attention to detail has been much appreciated Will you all join with me in thanking Lilias for her four years as Treasurer .------
We know from her reputation that Sheila will be a very worthy successor and we wish her all the best next year"

Pat then asked Sheila Goudie for her report
Sheila told us that we had 176 Members , 2 resignations and 21 on the wailting list. She then reminded us of the method of obtaining membership:
You must be 50 and have a proposer and seconder who have been members for at least 2 years. Handicap limit 28 and if applicant has a handicap of 6 or under she will be placed at the top of the waiting list, having been proposed and seconded in the usual way.
She then went on to tell of the venues for next year:
Foursomes (Home): Troon 10th August 11am (tbc)
Both Singles Matches (Away): TBA
Championship (Renfrew): 5th and 6th May 2009
Spring Meeting (Sandyhills): 9th April 2009 (Confirmed) -- This will pre balloted and drawn in handicap order, matching like handicaps - so please do not request a specific times. In the past although it stated on the fixture card that a SAE must accompany the entry some ladies have not done this causing inconvenience and unnecessary expense. PLEASE ENCLOSE A SAE.
Summer Meeting (Douglas Park): 21st May 2009 (Confirmed)
Autumn Meeting ( Erskine): 24th September 2009 (Confirmed)
This concluded the Secretary's Report

"Thank you Sheila for your report and also for all the work you do for us in the background to keep things running smoothly. The Fixtures the Minutes, the lists ,the handicaps ,the mailings etc etc. I call Sheila our gadget girl .She just loves all the electronic stuff –I think she is secretly joined at the hip to her fancy mobile and her various computers. Having our own Vet’s laptop has been a great move and we are grateful to Sheila for setting it up for all our needs. Thank you again Sheila for all your help throughout the year."

There have been a great many moans and groans about the weather this summer but the Vets were extraordinarily lucky. Every one of our events took place on beautiful days. I only remember one shower at the very end of our outing to Largs.
Thanks to Sheila we once more had excellent venues and we all took advantage of the good catering available everywhere.
The Spring Meeting at Largs was the qualifier for the Championship and 81 ladies took part We were grateful to Jennifer Graham who made such a good job of preparing the Starting sheet . Largs were very generous and gave us more or less unlimited starting times so everyone was fitted in.
One way and another it was an exciting day An outstanding memory for everyone was the bizarre pin position on the first hole –a par 3 -- which caused a great deal of grief and an ever increasing time delay throughout the day. Scores ranged from a Birdie 2 to about 14 However-- everyone take note ! Pat Hutton had a ten at that hole (Pat Hutton a ten !!) and she still managed to qualify for the Championship. A lesson for us all — Grit your teeth and keep going.
A pleasant memory of that day was the very warm welcome we received from the Captain of the club and also the Lady Captain Jill Fox who had arranged for ball spotters round the course.It was a long day for them too due to the delay at the first. Afterwards we sent her a box of golf balls as a small thank you to herself and her spotters.

Cock Pheasant embedded in car grill --- click to enlarge

Birdie of the Day

Then there was the Birdie of the day. ----the cock pheasant which flew into Gill Campbell’s radiator grill before she even got to the club. The AA had to be called out to remove the whole front of her car to release the remains of the poor creature. - click on the photo above to get a better view !
At the end of the day Alex Glennie, one of our very new Vets was the leading qualifier with a gross 82

We had a much less stressful day for the Summer Meeting at Hilton Park .Only 36 ladies took part which was disappointing as the course and the countryside were looking their sparkling best. Perhaps in late May there are so many other things on in the golf world it is difficult to play in everything . It was Lana Macdonald’s club so she brought along a selection of biscuits for us to have with our coffee.
The Heather Anderson Trophy for the best scratch that day won by Jennifer Mack with a 75.

The Autumn Meeting was at Paisley always known as the Bushes but rechristened that day by Carol as The Beaches.For some unknown reason the greenkeepers had dumped sand on all the greens but had failed to brush it in. We were allowed to treat it as casual water or switch it aside but were assured by the club Secretary that it would be a counting competition. While some of us struggled a bit it was no bother for one lady. Carol Fell cruised round in 71 nett which was six below the Competition scratch of 77 and won the May Craddock trophy
Golf is a funny old game. If it is your day nothing will stop you.
We did receive an apology from a club official who said they had known for weeks we were coming and were embarrassed that the greenstaff had created this problem.

Our first match this year was against Midlands at Ranfurly Castle. Seven singles and handicaps to be not less than 10 . This is always a most enjoyable day—lots of good chat , a lot of old friends and lots of good keen golf. Once more we had the delightful company of Andy Murray’s Granny who had come along to support Midlands. In spite of fielding an excellent team we were again narrowly beaten 4/3 (same as last year ) So we have still not managed to get our hands on the lovely silver tray which Sheila Shaw donated for this event three years ago---It’s called The Midwest Trophy. -- Over to you Helen. We want to see the Midwest Trophy on the table here next year.

Emma Wilson with Fiona Roger and Helen Faulds

At that Match Emma Wilson - Vice Captain of the Midlands handed out small pink socks to collect money for "Breakthrough Breast Cancer" To date she has collected an amazing £2,700--- Well done Emma .

If any one still has a sock to return please--- email Carol Fell and she will let Emma know.

The second match was the big one----nine singles against the East played this year at Troon — and yet another lovely day.
Handicaps for this match should be under ten which realistically nowadays means under six. The standard is always very high . The East as usual came over with an extremely impressive group even bringing down a lady all the way from Aberdeen Although we had a excellent team a couple of our stalwarts were unavailable. The girls however fought like tigers but in the end we lost 6/3 and the East retained the Elise Duncan Trophy. .

The final match was the foursomes East versus West at Gullane .Five pairs handicaps 10 and over.In the absence of Vice Captain Helen, Fiona Roger captained the team that day. I’m glad to say we seem to have this one cracked and we retained the ASP trophy for the 4th year running. And here it is with it’s Latin inscription meaning “ Friendship Always Is The Prize “ and is’nt this just what these matches are all about.
I’d like to thank all the ladies who played in the teams this year, made the journeys and gave hundred per cent every time.

CHAMPIONSHIPS played as usual over two days at Renfrew and the weather was magnificent. I remember all the players lashing on the suncream before they went out on the course. At the end of the day it all boiled down to a final between Alex Glennie (Barassie) and May Hughes (Lanark) two of our very newest Vets and that proved to be a most exciting match ---a great exhibition. After much ebbing and flowing May sank a long putt at the 20th hole to win the Championship.
Moira McCartney (Milngavie) retained the Bronze Salver by beating Avril Berry (Douglas Park)
Congratulations to the winners and also to everyone who qualified for the finals. And many thanks to the caddies and all the ladies who came along to watch the matches. This is always so much appreciated by the players. If you can spare the time next year do come along and walk a few holes with the finalists.

We are very grateful to all the clubs who give us the courtesy of their courses
and the use of their clubhouses. And also to Cowglen for once more allowing us to use their lounge for our AGM.

BLAIRGOWRIE Unfortunately I was not able to be at Blairgowrie this year but I hear that the weather was gorgeous Everyone had a great time and nobody from the West won a prize. Perhaps the Apres Golf got in the way.
Helen went along on the Monday and represented us at the Scottish AGM who will tell us later about the event
If anyone is interested in going to Blairgowrie entry forms can be obtained from Sheila from early March Enter with a partner.Each of the eight divisions is allocated so many places.and if our quota of places is oversubscribed there will be a ballot at the Spring Meeting.

At this point I’d just like to say well done to all of our Vets who went off and played in some of the big outside Seniors competitions in Spain ,Portugal , Scotland and Ireland. Helen, Jennifer Mack, Janice Paterson, Carol Fell, Fiona Roger, Alex Glennie and Anna Telfer . Forgive me if I’ve missed someone out.These are big tough events and our players have to compete with excellent international competitors. So congratulations to all of you .

IRISH MATCH AND THE JAMBOREE Helen represented Scotland in both these events
Thank you again Helen and congratulations to both yourself and also May Hughes for making the teams.
Helen then read out her 2 reports :
Scottish Vet’s v Irish Vet’s ---April 20th and 21st 2008

Scotland retained the Mary MacKenna Perpetual Trophy by a 61/2 – 51/2 margin in an extremely close and exciting finish to the annual 2 day match at St Margarets Golf Club,Dublin
The opening day of the fourballs produced a 2—2 scoreline and set the stage for the 2nd day of 8 singles which would decide if the trophy stayed in Ireland or returned with the Scots.
The weather I may say throughout the match was as cold, as windy and wet as I have played in.
The Irish went ahead early in all the matches but the Scots fought back and 5 of the 8 matches went to the 18th green

Kathleen Sutherland beat Mary MacKenna
Margaret Tough birdied the last 2 holes to square her match.
Pam Williamson won 2 & 1.
Fiona de Vries won on the 18th
Fiona Hunter finished all square
Lorna Bennet had a square match
Somebody called Helen Faulds lost.
As did Heather Anderson
Very close -61/2 – 51/2
Thanks to Lynne Terry and Sheena Hay for all their support and to the Irish for their hospitality.

Vet’s Jamboree at Southerness G C 12th-14th August 2008.

The Scotland team for the vet’s jamboree against England North, England Midlands and England South was
Heather Anderson (Northern)
Lorna Bennet (Midlands)
Fiona de Vries (Midlands)
Helen Faulds (West)
Fiona Hunter (East)
Kathleen Sutherland (Northern)
Margaret Tough (Midlands)
Pamela Williamson (East)

The practice round at Southerness was played in the most atrocious weather and in fact at one point we couldn’t stand up far less swing a club. Was this an omen?

Unfortunately Margaret Tough had to withdraw at the last moment through injury and her place was taken by May Hughes (West)

We played England South on the first day and although we lost the morning foursome 2-1 the singles in the afternoon were won 5-1.
Off to a good start
The weather at this point was ok-- not good but not too bad
England Midlands beat England North 6-3

Day 2 Scotland made it 2 wins out of 2 by defeating England Midlands by a very decisive 8-1
The morning foursomes where I partnered Kathleen Sutherland, were all won by Scotland and in the afternoon where May played in the singles Scotland only lost 1 match ( and no it wasn’t May)
England North defeated England South by 61/2 – 21/2

And so to the third and final day. Well if we thought the practice day was bad this was unbelievable. Driving to the course from our hotel meant going through huge amounts of water on the roads and so ---very unfortunately the match was abandoned.
Scotland therefore had won the Miller Stirling Trophy by virtue of being the only team with 2 wins. England North were 2nd, England Midlands 3rd and England South 4th. Never the ideal way to win a Championship but the course was totally unplayable.
Thanks go to everyone at Southerness for making us so welcome. Jean Lambert the SVLGA secretary who is Lady captain of Southerness did a huge amount of work both before and during the competition. As did Dawn Moore who had been president of the Scottish Vets the year before and is also a member of Southerness.
Every player left with a goody bag which included a knitted doll (every single one was dressed differently and had been knitted by a local lady who had spent the past 2 years knitting them. Exhibit 1
We also were given a miniature of whisky with the club label. I would like to show you that as exhibit 2 but it has miraculously disappeared.

Thanks also to Lynne Terry our Captain for all her hard work and organisation and to Sheana Hay our President who was a tremendous support both on and off the course.

Next years competition will take place at Bath Golf Club 3rd-6th July

Some time ago one of our members suggested that we should have a little Competition within our main events for Vets who are over seventy.
Never mind they say seventy is the new sixty or even less Quite a lot of golf clubs do acknowledge the older age group in this way in certain competitions.

We have tried this for the past year or two and everyone has been very sporting about it and gamely stuck the gold stars on to their cards . Up till now the Super Vet winner has been given one solitary golf ball for her efforts Wow!! I felt that this could be a bit more exciting. So I am presenting the Vets with three little Quaichs , which will go to the best nett score by a Super Vet at the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings.These will be competed for each year and I hope everyone will enjoy having another little incentive to play their best .

Before we come to the Election of Office Bearers I would like to say how much I have appreciated all the assistance given to me by the Committee . They have been absolutely super. Always helpful willing and cheerful and extremely good at whatever they were asked to do -- So a big thank you to Helen, Sheila ,Lilias, Jennifer ,Sheila Shaw, Moira and a special pat on the back for Sara Scott who has dealt so efficiently with the sweaters. She now knows all your vital measurements. Sara now retires from the committee by rotation It was a great pleasure to have you all in the team.

Once more we would all like to thank Carol Fell for being our webmaster and keeping the website up to date with all the relevant news ,events and results. Hope you all tested your reflexes with her Halloween game . I don’t think I was in the top scoring league there. It was a bit like my golf.
The website address is found on the West of Scotland Website at and then go through the link there for the WestVets. Alternatively you can get the West Vets link through your own county website . For those who want the direct web address --- it is

I would like to thank you all for supporting the Vets and also for the kindness and friendship which has been shown to me during the past two years.

Having wrapped up 2008 it’s time for me to hand over to Helen . What an excellent lady we are going to have as Captain for the next two years. What can I say about Helen.
First she is a very busy lady. Believe me she has twice the number of hours in her day than I have.
If she’s not dashing off to a French class , heading for a curling match about to drive through to Elie ,she is probably heading for the gym. And I haven’t started on the golf. Helen needs no introduction to you regarding her golfing prowess. She has won many Club Championships at her various clubs .She has represented Scotland in Seniors and Vets events at home and overseas. From our point of view of course her most important achievement was to win our own West Vets Championship three years in a row .
But Helen has not just taken from the world of golf she has also given a lot back having been Captain of Douglas Park and also of Bearsden and County Captain of Dumbarton and Argyll .
In spite of all this activity Helen is never too busy to talk things over then quietly and efficiently attend to any task required . Consequently she has been an excellent Vice Captain. I have enjoyed her company enormously and appreciated her assistance. I know the Vets will be in very safe hands with Helen at the helm I’m now going to hand over the Captain’s Brooch and it goes with every good wish for the next two years.

The new West Vets Captain Helen replied:

Thank you Pat I can hardly believe how quickly the past 2 years have gone and here I am standing on the threshold. I am very honoured to be following in the path of many illustrious captains of the West Vets . I just hope I can maintain the high standards set by my predecessors.

I should like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the members of the West Vets to thank Pat for being a very gracious and an extremely efficient Captain for the last 2 years.
Pat has worked really hard for our association and I for one am extremely glad that she will remain on committee for another year, just to keep me right.
I hope you have enjoyed your 2 years in charge.
A beautiful bouquet of flowers was then presented to Pat by May Hughes

Helen then gave her Blairgowrie Report

Alyhough I didn’t play at Blairgowrie this year I did go to the AGM and prizegiving on the Monday night.

Sheena Hay the Scottish Vets President paid tribute to Toni Moffat who had given so much time and energy to the Vets association. She would be sadly missed.
Each region had contributed money and 2 Toni Moffat memorial quaichs had been purchased to be played for at Blairgowrie.

Lynne Terry the Scottish Vets Captain gave her reports covering the vets matches against Ireland and England.
She announced that next year’s matches would be at Cruden Bay (Irish) and the inter area against the English would be held at Bath G C from 3rd – 6th Aug 2009.
The new President was then elected --Isobel McIntosh (Highland) and Vice President Jean Thomas (Borders).

Under AOB Lynne Terry proposed a system to seed the Qualifiers from each region who contest the championship at Blairgowrie.
This was an attempt to try and seed the traditionally stronger areas and hopefully keep them apart in the first round. However the meeting was almost totally against it and the proposal was rejected.

Unfortunately this was not a good year for the west vets as we didn’t pick up any prizes. The East dominated the prizewinners.
May Hughes, our West champion, lost to Fiona de Vries (Midlands) who went on to win the final and become Scottish Vets champion.
After the Blairgowrie report Helen continued:

There is a saying that if you want something done then ask a busy person and in asking Fiona Roger to be Vice Captain that is exactly what I did. I am delighted she said yes and as someone who has been involved with the Vets for some years I know she will be a great asset to our association.

Fiona as most of you will know plays golf at Ranfurly Castle and Troon and Boat of Garten. She also finds time to curl and play tennis and bridge (not at the same time obviously) and she has also taken on the job of Greenlees Secy Throw in 3 grandchildren and you can see what I mean about a busy person.!!!
Thank you Fiona for accepting. I look forward to working with you

As to the rest of the committee, Sheila Shaw, I am very pleased to say, has agreed to be our new Treasurer and Sheila Goudie, I’m also pleased to say, is remaining as Secretary.
Moira McCartney has 1 more year to serve (sounds like a prison sentence) and so I am delighted to say that Maureen Mitchell (Cathcart Castle), Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) and Moira Cameron (Whitecraigs) have agreed to come on to the committee.
Thank you to you all and I hope you enjoy your time on committee because that’s definitely what the vets are all about – enjoyment.

As you have already heard from Sheila, the Spring Meeting,which is to be held at Sandyhills, is the only one of our 3 competitions that we pre-enter.
Moira McCartney has very kindly agreed to run this competition. Because this is the qualifying round for our championship we do put players out in handicap order so it would be a great help to her if when applying please don’t ask for a particular time unless absolutely necessary. It’s quite a hard job as it is matching handicaps and mixing people from different clubs.

In 2009 only one of our matches will be at home –the foursomes match against the East. All the others are away.

With their being no other busines Helen finished the meeting some amusing golfing laws to think about over the winter----all tried and tested.

She then said ---
I hope that next year will bring us all good health, good golf and good weather.

2008 West Vets Champion - May Hughes

Past Captain Pat then presented the prizes and Champion May Hughes thanked all the committee and Carol Fell for their work during the past year.

Prizewinners 2008:
Spring Meeting - Largs
Scratch: Alex Glennie ( Kilmarnock Barassie) 82
H’cap Silver
1st May Hughes (Carluke) 83-5=78
2nd Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 85-6= 79 bih
3rd Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle) 91-12=79
1st Moira McCartney (Milngavie) 84 nett
2nd Sandra Carruthers (Whitecraigs) 85 nett
Super Vet: Moira McCartney

Summer Meeting - Hilton Park

Scratch:Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 75 - Wins the Heather Anderson Trophy for best Scratch
H’cap Silver
1st Ina McVicar (Milngavie) 82-14=68
2nd Anita McMillan (Erskine) 87-18=69
3rd K McColl (Milngavie) 88-18=70
1st:Christine Richmond (Erskine) 70 nett
2nd : Agnes Robertson (Erskine) 75 nett
Super Vet Ina McVicar

Autumn Meeting - Paisley
Scratch: Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 81
Hcap Silver ;
1st Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle)82-11=71
Wins the May Craddock Trophy for the baest nett score
2nd Janette Stewart (Kilmarnock Barassie) 93-20=73
3rd Jess blackwood (Kilmarnock Barassie) 90-15=75
1st Mary Irving (Ranfurly Castle) 77nett
2nd Pat Robertson (Caldwell) 81 nett
Super Vet Moira McCartney

Championship - Played over Renfrew
Bronze Salver Runner up: Avril Berry (Douglas Park)
Winner: Moira McCartney (Milngavie)
West Vets Championship: Runner up Alex Glennie (Barassie)
Champion 2008 May Hughes (Lanark)

2008 West Vets AGM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scottish Seniors Strokeplay Champion -- Mary Smith is the best Senior at the Champion of Champions

Mary Smith -- Scottish Seniors Strokeplay Champion was the best Senior in the Champion of Champions event played over the Glasgow Gailes links in Ayrshire this afternoon. Fiona De Vries (Scottish Vets Champion) was the next best Senior followed by Lorna Bennett (Scottish Seniors Matchplay Champion)
Final results:
76 Alexandra Bushby (North of Scotland), Carly Booth (Scottish Girls) [Bushby won after a playoff]
78 Rachael Livingstone (Midlothian) bih, Cara Gruber (Northern Counties)
79 Mary Smith (Senior Strokeplay)
80 Susan Wood (Drumpellier -- Lanarkshire)
82 Fiona de Vries (Veterans)
83 Laura Walker (Perth and Kinross)
86 Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm -- Renfrewshire)
87 Rebecca Wilson (Angus), Lorna Bennett (Senior Matchplay)
88 Ruth Carroll (East Lothian), Lindsay Kirkwood (Dumfriesshire)

To read the full report go to Gillian Kirkwood Website

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Scotland win against Ireland in the Home Internationals

Foursomes: L Bennett & F De Vries bt H Jones & S O'Brien-Kenney 3 and 2; M Smith & H Anderson halved with V Hassett & V McBride; J Harrison & F Hunter bt M McKenna & M Madden (2 1/2-1/2).
Singles: Bennett lost to O'Brien-Kenney 4 and 3, De Vries bt Jones 3 and 2; Smith bt Madden 5 and 4, Anderson bt Hassett 3 and 1, Harrison lost to McBride 2 and 1 (3-2).
Wales shocked hot favourites England - bidding to win the title for a sixth year in a row - by beating them 5-3 in the title decider on the last day of the senior women's home internationals at Little Aston Golf Club, near Birmingham.
1 Wales 3 wins, 2 England 2 wins, 3 Scotland 1 win, 4 Ireland 0 wins.
To read the full report Click Here

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Scotland lose to England in the Senior Home International

Foursomes: C Quinn & C Watson bt L Bennett & F De Vries 4 and 3; J Collingham & BN Laird bt M Smith & H Anderson 2 and 1; C Stirling & C Kirk bt F Hunter & J Harrison 2 holes (3-0).Singles: S Dye halved with Bennett, Kirk lost to De Vries 3 and 2, Collingham bt Anderson 4 and 2, Watson halved with Harrison, Stirling bt Hunter 4 and 3 (3-2).
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scotland lose to Wales in the Senior Women's Home Internationals

Day 1: results at Little Aston:
Foursomes: L Bennett & F De Vries bt V Thomas & J O'Connor 1 hole; M Smith & K Sutherland lost to J Rees & J Doleman 5 and 4; J Harrison & F Hunter btr A Lewis & D Richards 3 and 1 (2-1).
Singles: Bennett lost to Thomas 1 hole, De Vries bt Rees 2 and 1, H Anderson lost to H Joyce 3 and 2, Harrison lost to Lewis 4 and 3, Hunter lost to Doleman 2 1nad 1 (1-4).

To see the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Wedsite

Monday, September 29, 2008

Photograph Links Problem

Your Webmaster apologises for the links to many photograph albums not working. The Picasa Website has changed recently and all my old links seem to have changed. To access any of my public albums then click on this link in the meantime by Clicking Here

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Meeting -- at the Paisley "Beaches" !!!

Carol Fell - Click to enlarge
Despite brilliant overhead conditions the heavily sanded greens at Paisley Bushes made scoring very difficult for everyone except your Webmaster Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle) who was out for a relaxing game of golf and surprised herself by scoring a Gross 82 Net 71 --- SSS 74, CSS 77
Anna Telfer (Milngavie) had the leading Gross score of the day with an 81

Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle) 82 (11) 71
Janette Stewart (Kilmarnock Barassie) 93 (20) 73
Jess Blackwood (Kilmarnock Barassie) 90 (15) 75 bih
Mary Irving (Ranfurly Castle) 99(22) 77
Pat Robertson ( Caldwell)103 (22) 81
Moira McCartney (Milngavie) 108 (24) 84
Scratch: Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 81

Winner of the May Craddock Trophy : Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle)

Get your Handicap Exchange Letter here

To View all the results from today go to the Master Score Board Website

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All the results from Blairgowrie

The Scottish Vets Championships that were played at Blairgowrie at the weekend also had numerous other competitions.
To see all the results go to the Scottish Vets Website

Unfortunately NO WEST WINNERS !!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Message from Captain Pat Walker

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Paisley on Thursday for the Autumn Meeting. Last chance to shine in the Vets this year. The views from the course will be brilliant in this good weather so enjoy them as you go.round. Good golfing everyone.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fiona De Vries is the SVLGA Champion

St Andrews hotelier Fiona de Vries, first-round leader and eventually sixth in last week's Senior British women's open amateur golf championship at Hilton Templepatrick, near Belfast, won the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association championship, contested by the eight area veteran championship winners over the Lansdowne course, Blairgowrie.
Fiona, pictured right, did not have it all her own way by any means. In the morning semi-finals, the St Rule player had to go to the 20th to take the measure of Sheila Cuthbertson, the Borders veterans' champion.
In the other semi-final, Vivien Welsh (Highland) scored an upset win over former title-holder Kathleen Sutherland (Northern) by one hole.
The final went all the way before Fiona beat Vivien on the 18th green.

Thanks go to Colin Farquharson for all the Championship Reports

Scottish Vets Semi Finals

Vivien v Fiona in Vets' Final at Blairgowrie

Vivien Welsh, the Highland champion, will play the Midlands title-holder, Fiona de Vries, in this afternoon's final of the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association championship over the Lansdowne course, Blairgowrie.
Vivien beat Kathleen Sutherland (Northern) by one hole in the first semi-final this morning. Fiona had to go to the 20th to take the measure of Sheila Cuthbertson (Borders) in the other.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

West Vets Champion loses to Fiona De Vries at the SVLGA Championships

Quarter-final results in the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association championship over the Lansdowne course, Blairgowrie today were:

Vivien Welsh (Highland) bt Anne Brownie (East) 1 hole.
Kathleen Sutherland (Northern) bt Pearl Beattie (Dumfries-shire) 6 and 5.
Sheila Cuthbertson (Borders) bt Jean Brydson (Galloway) 6 and 4.
Fiona De Vries (Midland) bt May Hughes (West) 3 and 2.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Janice Paterson and Helen Faulds do well at the British Seniors Championships

Congratulations go to West Vets members  Janice Paterson and Vice Captain Helen Faulds who both made the 36 hole cut (Top 40 players) in the British Seniors Championship this week. Janice finished in 25th position and Helen in 33rd position -- WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH
Par 213 (3 x 71). CSS 76 75 75
231 Chris Utermarck (Ger) 79 76 76, Susan Dye (Delamere Forest) 76 75 80 (Utermarck won sudden death play-off at first hole).
232 Janet Collingham (Sherwood Forest) 80 77 75, Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 79 77 76, Jane Rees (Hendon) 78 75 79.
235 Fiona De Vries (St Rule) 75 77 83.

Other Scots:
246 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 81 82 83.
249 , Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 85 81 83
250 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 84 84 82.
252 Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 84 79 89.
256 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 84 84 88.

Many Congratulations go to our Scottish players Lorna Bennett and Fiona De Vries on their very near win.
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helen and Janice make the cut in the British Seniors Championships

Congratulations go to West Vets Vice Captain Helen Faulds and Janice Paterson who have both made the cut after 36 holes in the British Seniors Championship at Templeton Golf Course Belfast today. To read the full report go to West of Scotland Website

Monday, September 15, 2008

May Hughes to play Fiona de Vries in Scottish Vets Championship

Blairgowrie Lansdowne course, Sunday, September 21
1.33 Vivien Welsh (Highland) v Anne Brownie (East).
1.40 Kathleen Sutherland (Northern) v Pearl Beattie (Dumfries-shire).
1.48 Sheila Cuthbertson (Borders) v Jean Brydson (Galloway).
1.55 Fiona de Vries (Midlands) v May Hughes (West).
SEMI-FINALS on MONDAY, September 22 at 9am & 9.10
FINAL at 1.30pm.

Alex Glennie is a reserve for the Senior Home International Team

The Scottish Ladies Golfing Association has named the Scotland team for the senior home international matches at Little Aston Golf Club, Birmingham from September 30 to October 2. It is:
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank), Fiona de Vries (St Rule), Jill Harrison (Cruden Bay), Fiona Hunter (Baberton), Mary Smith (Tain), Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose), Margaret Tough (Falkirk).
Reserves - Heather Anderson (Downfield), Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie), Suzanne Cadden (Cardross).
Non-playing captain - Joan Marshall (Baberton).

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scots ranked 10th in Europe

Scots ranked 10th in Europe after last-day defeat by Dutch
Scotland were beaten 3-2 by the Netherlands in their final Flight 3 match of the European senior women's amateur team golf championship at Wouwse Plantage Golf Club in Holland today.
Foursome: M Smith (Tain), M Tough (Falkirk) lost to W Langelaar, N Goossens 3 and 2 (0-1).
Singles: L Bennett (Ladybank) bt J S Sluyter 6 and 5, F De Vries (St Rule) bt M J Groenewoud 3 and 2, J Harrison (Cruden Bay) lost to CD Vidor 2 and 1, F Hunter(Baberton) lost to J Hehenkamp 6 and 4 (2-2).
The Scots were ranked 10th in the final standings.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Scotland improved by 12 shots in the second qualifying round of the European senior women's amateur team golf championship at Wouwse Plantage Golf Club in the Netherlands.
But the Scots' 36-hole total of 824 (418-406) was not good enough to make the top four - France (784), England (789), Spain (789) and Sweden (798) - who qualified to contest the championship match-play flight.
Scotland's second-day scores were:
78 L Bennett. 80 F Hunter. 81 F De Vries. 83 J Harrison. 84 M Smith. 87 M Tough.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Scotland struggle in the European Seniors in Holland

Scotland will need to make a major improvement from 10th place overnight if they are to qualify for the championship match-play flight of the European senior women's amateur team golf championship at Wouwse Plantage Golf Club in Holland.
None of the Scots broke 80 in the first qualifying round.
Discarding one score, the Scots had a first-round total of 418 compared with Italy (397), Sweden (397), England (398) and Spain (398) who occupy the top four positions after the first round.
Only the leading four teams after the second qualifying round will make up the championship match-play flight. The other teams will go into lower match-play flights. To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scottish Seniors Photos and Videos

To see all the videos and Photographs from the Scottish Senior Championships --- Click on the following link Senior Championship Videos and Photographs

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scottish Vets are Champions after final day is a wash out

Rain washed out the third and final day of the Veteran Ladies Golfing Association area team championship at Southerness Golf Club.
Scotland, who were leading the table with two wins out of two, after two days' play won the title and the Miller Stirling Salver.
Final placings:
1 Scotland 4pt 14 games, 2 English North 2pt 9 1/2 games, 3 English Midlands 2pt 7 games, 4 English South 0pt 5 1/2 games.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scottish Vets are still on course to win the Inter Area Championships

Scotland are set to win the title in the Veteran Ladies Golfing Association Inter-area Championship at Southerness Golf Club.They made it two wins out of two today when they beat English Midlands 8-1. West Vets Vice Captain Helen Faulds partnered Kathleen Sutherland in the morning foursomes victory and West vets Champion May Hughes won her singles tie in the afternoon.
Their final opponents on Thursday are English North who have a 1 defeat and 1 win so far
Wednesday details:
Foursomes: L Bennett, F De Vries beat J Collingham, J Ashmore 1 hole; H Anderson, F Hunter beat A Dawson, J Doleman 6 and 4; H Faulds, K Sutherland beat P Parker, J Watter 5 and 4 (3-0).
Singles: Anderson beat P West 3 and 2, Bennett halved with Collingham, P Williamson beat Ashmore 5 and 4, M Hughes beat A Burtt 2 and 1, Hunger halved with Doleman, Sutherland beat Parker 3 and 2 (5-1).

Foursomes: F Anderson, P Wrightson beat C Stirling, S Stradling 1 hole; C Kirk, R Lindley beat R Watters, C Armstrong 5 and 4; E Elliott, H Smyth lost to I Brien, J O'Keefe 2 holes (2-1).
Singles: Anderson beat S Ellis 3 and 1, Wrightson halved with Stirling, Kirk lost to J Ballard 1 hole, B Laird beat Brien 1 hole, S Paul beat Watters 7 and 6, Lindley beat O'Keefe 3 and 2 (4 ½-1 ½).

1 Scotland 2 wins.
2 English Midlands 1 win, 1 defeat.
2 English North 1 win, 1 defeat.
4 English South 2 defeats.

Video of the Scottish Seniors Matchplay Final at Deeside

Here is a video of the Final of the 2008 Scottish Seniors Matchplay Championship at Deeside Golf Club at the beginning of August. West Vets Alex Glennie is in the 2nd Flight Final To see the video Click Here
You need to be on broadband . --- If you connection is too slow try clicking on watch in standard quality

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scotland win against England South at Southerness

Scotland, rallied after losing the foursomes 2-1, to make a winning start to the Veteran Ladies Golfing Association inter-area championship at Southerness Golf Club today.
The Scots beat England South 6-3 while England Midlands beat England North, also by 6-3.
Foursomes - P West, P. Parker bt P. Wrightson, F. Anderson 2 and 1; A. Burte, J Walter lost to E. Elliott, H. Smyth 6 and 5, J. Collingham, J. Ashmore bt C. Kirk, R. Lindley 2 holes (2-1).
Singles - J. Doleman lost to Wrightson 3 and 2, A. Dawson lost to Anderson 5 and 4, West bt Elliott 4 and 3; Collingham bt Smyth 8 and 6, Ashmore bt S. Paul 3 and 2, Walter beat Lindley 2 and 1 (4-2).

Foursomes: L. Bennett and F. de Vries beat C. Stirling, S. Stradling 2 and 1; H. Anderson and F. Hunter lost to R. Watters, C. Armstrong 3 and 2; H. Faulds and M. Hughes lost to I. Brien, J. O'Keeffe 4 and 3 (1-2)
Singles - Anderson lost to Stirling 3 and 2, Bennett beat S. Ellis 5 and 3, De Vries beat J. Ballard 4 and 3, P. Williamson beat O'Keefe 1 hole, Hunter beat Stradling 2 and 1, K. Sutherland beat Armstrong 1 hole (5-1)

Highland Vets retain Lyon Trophy over Northern at Lossie

Highland retained the Lyon Trophy beating Northern 6-3 in the annual Scottish Veteran Ladies Golfing Association area representative match over the Moray Old Course, Lossiemouth.
To read all the results Click Here

Vets Jamboree at Southerness Golf Club

The Scotland team for the Veterans' Jamboree against England North, England Midlands and England South at Southerness Golf Club are playing from August 12th to 14th 2008

Heather Anderson (Northern).
Lorna Bennett (Midlands).
Fiona de Vries (Midlands).
Helen Faulds (West).
Fiona Hunter (East).
Kathleen Sutherland (Northern).
Margaret Tough (Midlands). Has Withdrawn due to injury
Pamela Williamson (East).
May Hughes (West) - Now in team to replace Margaret Tough (Midlands).who has withdrawn due to injury

Monday, August 11, 2008

West Vets win against the East Vets at Gullane

Elise Guy East Vice Captain and Fiona Roger West Team Captain -- Click to enlarge
The Annual Foursomes match between the West and East Vets was played over Gullane today. The West Vets Team won 3 - 2 to win the the ASP Trophy (Amicitia Semper Palma) ---- Friendship Always The Prize. The match was played in not to bad conditions except for one exceedingly heavy shower.
A gorgious evening meal was enjoyed back in the clubhouse afterwards.
East Vice Captain Elise Guy presented West Vets Team Captain for the day Fiona Roger with the trophy and the day was enjoyed by all
Match Results:(West Players 1st)
C Fell and F Roger halved with M Lauder and S King
J Graham and R Henderson won 7/6 against G Thomson and B Redwood
E Young and G Campbell won 5/3 against D Mitchell and J Roberts
S Macfarlane and C Dingwall halved P Early and V Hallam
A Dunn and M Stewart lost 3/2 against E Smith and C Ross

To see some photos click on the small photo below:
The 2008 West v East Vets (Foursomes Match)

May Hughes in the Scottish Team

Margaret Tough has had to pull out of the Scotland team for the Veteran Ladies Golfing Association Jamboree at Southerness whch begins tomorrow. She has a back complaint.
West Vets Champion May Hughes (Lanark) takes her place and joins West Vets Vice Captain Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) in the team

Monday, August 04, 2008

Alex Glennie and Anna Telfer do well at the Scottish Seniors

Anna Telfer, Suzanne Cadden and Alex Glennie
Congratulations go to West Vets Anna Telfer (Milngavie) and Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)in their recent success at the Scottish Seniors at Deeside last week
Alex, Suzanne Cadden (Cardross)-- Hopefully joining the West Vets next season and Anna pictured above from right to left were the best from the West.
Anna and Alex qualified for the matchplay stages. Anna reached the quarter final stages to be beaten by the eventual winner Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) and Alex lost in the final of the 2nd flight to the 2007 Scottish Strokeplay Champion Kathleen Sutherland (Montrose)
Alex who also won the best net aggregate prize over the 2 day qualifying rounds was selected as 3rd reserve for the Scotland squad for the European senior women's amateur team championship at Wouwse Plantage Golf Club, the Netherlands from September 2nd to 5th.
To read all the results, reports, photographs and videos go to the West of Scotland Website

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Midlands Vets Champion is Fiona De Vries

Many Congratulations go to Fiona De Fries who has won the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association's Midland championship at Braehead. Fiona also slashed two strokes off the women's course record with a 70 in the qualifying round ---- WELL DONE FIONA
To read all about it go to Gillian Kirkwood Website

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Janice Paterson does well in the European Seniors in Portugal

Many congratulations go to West Vets Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) who was the Top Scot in the European Seniors Ladies Championship played over Pinhal, Vilmoura, Portugal this week. She ended up being 23rd in a field of nearly 80 players. WELL DONE JANICE
Vice Captain Helen Faulds was meant to be playing in the tournament but had to withdraw while out in Portugal due to " not feeling well"
Final Placings:
1 Virginie Burrus FRA + 9 225 75 74 76
2 Vicky Pertierra SPA + 15 231 79 77 75
3 Cecilia Mourgue D Algue FRA + 17 233 77 81 75
4 Chris Utermarck GER + 19 235 80 78 77
5 Viveca Hoff SWE + 19 235 80 77 78
Scottish Placings:
23 Janice Paterson SCO + 32 248 83 81 84
26 Fiona De Vries SCO + 33 249 85 83 81
36= Heather Anderson SCO + 39 255 80 88 87
44 Pamela Williamson SCO + 42 258 89 80 89
55= Jennifer Mack SCO + 50 266 91 89 86

Thursday, June 19, 2008

East Vets win against the West Vets

The Annual West Vets v East Vets Match was played yesterday over Troon Portland in lovely summer conditions. We had put forward an extremely good team but unfotunately were unable to win back the Elise Duncan Trophy. The result was 6 for the East and 3 for the West .

Results as follows -- West players named first
May Hughes lost to Noreen Fenton at the 18th
Alex Glennie halved with Moira Thomson
Sheena Macdonald halved with Ruth Brown
Maureen Woodhead lost to Anne Brownie 4 and 3
Pat Hutton lost to Lesley Johnston 5 and 3
Jeanette McCartney lost to Fiona Hunter 6 and 4
Elspeth Hanlon beat Sheila Lyon 2and 1
May Myers beat Susan Penman 4 and 3
Cathy Morton lost to Aileen Kennedy 3 and 2

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

West Vets in Portugal

Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) , Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) Janice Paterson (Drumpellier)are all taking part in the International European Senior Ladies’ Championship which begins tomorrow at Pinhal in Portugal. The Championship is stroke play over three rounds.
Other Scots playing:
Heather Anderson, Fiona De Vries and Pamela Williamson

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

West Vets lose to Midlands Vets

Pat Walker and Emma Wilson - Click to enlarge
The West Vets team lost against the Midlands team at Ranfurly Castle today. It was a tight match producing many good games and since the weather was dry and windy everyone enjoyed their day.
Maureen Mitchell (Cathcart Castle) Jennifer Graham, Carol Fell, Elinor Grant, Lana Macdonald, Elspeth Dewar and Fiona Roger

Jennie French, Sheila Travers, Fiona Glass, Danuta McLauchlan, Liz Childs, Rose Graham and Helen Campbell
West Vets Captain Pat Walker presented the trophy to the Midland's Vice Captain Emma Wilson and congratulated them on their win --- click on the photo above for an enlargement

To see some more photos from the day click on the small picture below
West Vets v Midlands

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kathleen Sutherland is the North Vets Champion

The West Vets congratulate the 2007 Scottish Seniors Strokeplay Champion Kathleen Sutherland (Montrose) on winning the 2008 North Vets Championship yesterday. To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Meeting at Hilton Park Golf Club

Hilton Park Golf Clubhouse -- CLICK TO ENLARGE
Jennifer Mack
On a perfect golfing day thirty six ladies played in the Summer Meeting at Hilton Park.

Congratulations to Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) pictured on the left who was the winner of The Heather Anderson Trophy with a Scratch 75

SSS 70 CSS 70
Scratch: Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle)
1 Ina McVicar (Milngavie) 82-14=68
2 Anita McMillan (Erskine) 87-18=69 bih
3 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 75-6=69
1 Christine Richmond (Erskine) 92-22=68
2 Agnes Robertson (Erskine) 101-26=75
3 Moira McCartney (Milngavie) 100-23=77

Our thanks go to Hilton Park for the courtesy of the course and to all who made it such an enjoyable day for all who played.

To print out your handicap exchange letter to take back to your Home Club CLICK HERE --- Scroll through till you find your appropriate letter for your club to printout and to see all the results from the day click on the link on the RHS of this website that says West Vets Score Board

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Message from Captain Pat

Looking forward to seeing lots of West vets at Hilton Park on Thursday for the Summer Meeting.The forecast looks good and the Running Ballot starts at 9.30 am. No prior entry necessary.
The Heather Anderson Trophy will be awarded to the best scratch score.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May Hughes is the 2008 West Vets Champion

We had a glorious day at Renfrew for the final of the West Vets Championship today. We also had some fantastic golf to match the weather
After a long and very evenly matched battle which ebbed and flowed all the time May Hughes of Lanark finally overcame Alex Glennie of Kilmarnock Barassie at the 20th Hole. May had putted exceptionally well all throughout the match and it was a long putt on the final green which gained her the Championship.
The Bronze Salver was won by Moira McCartney of Milngavie who was in splendid form to beat Avril Berry of Douglas Park.

To see some photos from the day click on the small thumbnail of Alex and May
2008 West Vets Championship

Thanks go to Helen Faulds and Sheila Goudie for the photographs

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The 2008 West Vets Championship

The West Vets Championship for 2008 took place at Renfrew Golf Club today.

Unfortunately Pat Hutton's car broke down on the way to the course and she was unable to make the venue.

West Vets Championship Results :.
Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) beat May Myers (Clober) 5 & 3
Linda McDougall (Greenock)beat Janette McCartney (Erskine) 1 hole
Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)beat Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 3 and 1
May Hughes (Lanark) w/o Pat Hutton (Lanark)

Semi Finals: Alex Glennie beat Linda McDougall 7 and 6
May Hughes beat Helen Faulds 2 Holes

Bronze Championship Reults:
Moira McCartney (Milngavie) beat Pat Kerr (Haggs Castle)3 and 2
Avril Berry (Douglas Park) beat Sandra Carruthers (Whitecraigs)at the 19th

The Championship Final will be between Alex Glennie (Barassie) and May Hughes (Lanark)and the Bronze between Moira McCartney (Milngavie) and Avril Berry (Douglas Park)

Tomorrow at Renfrew at 11.00 am

Monday, April 21, 2008

Scotland win the Mary McKenna Trophy

The 2009 Scottish Vets Team -- Click to enlarge
Scotland retained the Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy by a 1pt (6 1/2-5 1/2)margin over their Irish veteran women rivals in a thrilling finish to the annual two-day match at St Margaret's Golf Club, Dublin
Irish names first:
Mary Madden & Carmel Cahill lost to Heather Anderson & Margaret Tough 4 and 2.
Valerie Hassett & Pamela Morgan lost to Lorna Bennett & Fiona de Vries 3 and 2.
Marilyn Henderson & Nano Brennan beat Helen Faulds & Fiona Hunter 2 and 1.
Sheena O'Brien-Kenney & Violet McBride beat Pamela Williamson & Kathleen Sutherland 1 hole.

Ireland 3 1/2- Scotland 4 1/2)
Mary McKenna lost to Kathleen Sutherland 1 hole..
Mary Madden halved with Margaret Tough.
Eileen MacMullen lost to Pamela Williamson 2 and 1.
Sheena O'Brien-Kenney beat Helen Faulds 3 and 2.
Pamela Morgan lost to Fiona De Vries 1 hole.
Violet McBride halved with Lorna Bennett.
Marilyn Henderson halved with Fiona Hunter.
Valerie Hassett beat Heather Anderson 7 and 6.

Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood and Colin Farquharson for all the results and the photograph

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Draw for the 2008 West Vets Championship

The West Vets Championship for 2008 takes place at Renfrew Golf Club on the 6th - 7th May 2008. The first 8 Silver and 4 Bronze in the Spring Meeting at Largs have qualified for the Divisional Championship.
The draws are as follows:

West Vets Championship:
Alex Glennie (Kilmar. Barassie) v May Myers (Clober)
Janette McCartney (Erskine) v Linda McDougall (Greenock)
Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) v Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Pat Hutton (Lanark) v May Hughes (Lanark)

Bronze Championship:
Moira McCartney (Milngavie) v Pat Kerr (Haggs Castle)
Avril Berry (Douglas Park) v Sandra Carruthers (Whitecraigs)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Augusta --- Spring Meeting at Largs Kelburne !!

The Winner Alex Glennie -- Click to enlarge
The Spring Meeting took place at Largs Kelburne yesterday and the 1st Hole was the downfall of many a player. The Scores ranged from a birdie 2 to about a fourteen with the green as fast if not faster than at Augusta !!
The best score of the day was by Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) who had an Gross 82 net 77. The SSS 73, CSS 76 (Reduction Only)

SCRATCH : Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) 82

SILVER: 1 Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) 82-5=77
2 May Hughes (Carluke) 83-5=78
3 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 85-6=79

Bronze: 1 Moira McCartney (Milngavie) 106 - 22 = 84.0
2 Sandra Carruthers (Whitecraigs) 108-23=85
3 Maureen Thompson (Old Ranfurly) 111-22=89

The full list of results are available if you click on the Competition results link on the RHS of this web page or at this LINK

To print out a copy of your handicap exchange letter Click Here . Please note the clubs are not necessarily in handicap order --- however find your own and print out that page
Cock Pheasant embedded in car grill --- click to enlarge
Gill Campbell (Bearsden) scored a spectacular Birdie before she even arrived at the course on Thursday.
A cock pheasant flew into her radiator grill and was so deeply embedded that the AA had to remove the front of her car to get it out.
Thanks go to Sheila Goudie for the gruesome photo ---- click to enlarge

Some Photos taken on the day --- Click on the picture to see what it is.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Draw for the Spring Meeting at Largs Golf Club

Jennifer Graham has completed the draw for the Spring Meeting at Largs Golf Club on Thursday 10th April

Click Here
for the list of entrants and times allocated

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Death of Aberdeenshire's Toni Moffat

Toni Moffat presents the Prizes at the 2007 Scottish Seniors --- Click to enlarge

Sad news to report today with regard to Mrs J L (Tony) Moffat of Aberdeen Ladies. It is understood she was found dead at her home in Aberdeen on Thursday.
A vice-president of the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association, Tony was Aberdeenshire Ladies County Golf Association president from 1992-1993 and was one of the leading figures on the club and county golf scene for several decades.
She won the Aberdeenshire title in 1955 at Murcar and again in 1958 at Balgownie. She was beaten finalist five times - 1971 by Mrs Audrey Henderson at Hazlehead, 1974 by Mrs D Robertson at Cruden Bay, 1978 by Annette Laing at Peterhead, 1982 by Pamela Wright at Hazlehead and in 1983 by Elaine Farquharson at Aboyne. She was also a semi-finalist in 1973 and 1976.
Mrs Moffat was an Aberdeenshire county team player for many years. She was a member of the very strong Shire team that won the Scottish county championship for the first time at Elie in 1971 and also the following year when they made a successful defence of the title in the finals at Cruden Bay.
She was still holding down a place in the county line-up in the 1980s.
Tony was also a prominent figure in seniors and veterans' golf. Her name will be perpetuated in several championship trophies she presented. She was a past president of the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association and the current president of the Northern Division of the SVLGA.
The picture above is of Toni with the winners at the 2007 Scottish Seniors Strokeplay Prizrgiving at Glenbervie --- click to enlarge
Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the news

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Helen Faulds is 7th in Spanish Seniors "Doubles"

Congratulations go to West of Scotland Vets Champion and Vice Captain Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) partnered by Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh) who were a very creditable 7th out of a field of many well known Senior golfers at the Spanish Seniors "Doubles" at Golf Park Majorca today

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The West Vets Website address

Last week you received your West Vets Fixture card and on the back of it you will see some Results and Information links.
Please note that the West Vets website address is and not which is the Renfrewshire County Website address.

However, you will find links to this website on the
Renfrewshire Website,
The West of Scotland Website,
Gillian Kirkwood Website,
The Lanarkshire Website
The D&A Website
The Ayrshire Website --- to name but a few.

The is the link to where the results are published after a competition. However, if you click on the link on the RHS of this website that says West Vets Scoreboard --- that link will take you to the West vets Results page and you will not need to hunt through the MASTER SCOREBOARD WEBSITE for the West Vets Page

The other link on the fixture card is the Scottish Vets Website

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thursday 10th April at Largs Golf Club (Courtesy) Pre-Ballot.
(First 8 Silver and 4 Bronze to qualify for Divisional Championships)- Entries to Jennifer Graham

Thursday 22nd May at Hilton Park Golf Club Allander (Courtesy) 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
(Heather Anderson Trophy awarded for best SCRATCH score.)

Thursday 25th September at Paisley Golf Club (Courtesy) 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
(May Craddock Trophy awarded for best NETT score.)

Tuesday 10th June at Ranfurly Castle Golf Club at 11.00 a.m.
(Mid West Trophy)

Wednesday 18th June at Troon Portland (11am)
(Elise Duncan Trophy)

Gullane Monday 11th August 3pm (Asp Friendship Trophy)

Quarter Finals: Tuesday 6th May at Renfrew Golf Club 9.30 a.m.
Semi Finals: Tuesday 6th May at Renfrew Golf Club 2.00 p.m.
Finals: Wednesday 7th May at Renfrew Golf CLub 11.00 a.m. & 11.15 a.m.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to Everyone

Pat Walker, Helen Faulds, and all the Committee wish everyone in the West Vets a very Happy New Year.Click on the link to see your New Year Card