Wednesday, February 23, 2022



Your "Blogger" Carol Fell is delighted to announce that  under the Captaincy of May Hughes West Vets have set up a new website starting this year  -- 2022. All previous posts from this blog will not be lost and news can still be found going back to 2006. 
The link to any past news will be found under links at

As Captain May says "Presently the new website is work in progress and will provide more information as the season progresses".

I would like to thank all past Captains, Secretaries and Members over the past 16 years for their contribution to the posts, however small or large to help keep the West Vets Members up to date with News, Photographs, Competition Entries, Results and more.

I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable golfing future -- and as I often say -- ENJOY YOURSELF WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG !!

Carol Fell (Retired)

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Monday, January 03, 2022

Happy New Year and Club V1 update

A very happy New Year to you and I hope the coming golfing season is a successful one. I am also delighted to welcome 12 new members for 2022.


Margaret Adams (Gleddoch) Fiona Norris (Hamilton)

Roisin Black (Gleddoch) Margaret Reid (Lanark)

Patricia Briggs (Kilmacolm)   Pamela Shaw (Williamwood) 

Katherine Eland (Troon) Joyce Tait (Clober)

Alyson Hendry (Hamilton) Betty Willder (Balfron) 

Irene B Morrison (Drumpellier) Angela Devine (Hamilton)


I look forward to seeing you all at many of our competitions and if you require information on any of our events please do not hesitate to contact me.


As you are aware our operating system is now ClubV1 therefore it is all change this season in the way we enter competitions. 

The first thing you should do (if you haven’t done so already) is to download the ClubV1app and the HDIDapp to your phone and link into SVLGA West on both apps. 


Should you have any problems with this process please contact us as soon as possible.


First up will be our Spring Meeting at Lanark on the 6th April (hopefully third time lucky). 

Entries open from 20th February (a reminder will be emailed)

Tee times will be in hour slots from 9.30 to 2.30. If the time slot you prefer is full you can join a waiting list for that time period or select another.

Entries close on 23rd March when the draw will be done and you will be sent your time.


Signing in on the day of the competition and recording your score at the end will be done through the HDID app. (although you should also still mark a card and return it). We appreciate this may be new to some members but we will endeavour to assist you through this process should you not be familiar with ClubV1and HDID. 

As with any new system there will no doubt be some teething problems but I am confident with your patience and good humour we will overcome.


Finally can I ask if you have still to pay your subscription (£30) could you do so before the end of January? If it is not your intention to renew can I ask you to advise the Secretary/Treasurer as soon as possible please?


Fingers crossed for sunshine and a season without restrictions.