Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Draw for the Autumn Meeting at Balmore Golf Club on Wednesday 9th September, 2015 is now available --- CLICK HERE  
 Please note Marion Stewart's Mobile Phone Number should anyone need to cancel on the day. It is 07904 765190.
Please note that the new batch of sweaters will be available at the Autumn Meeting.  
The Committee encourages members to wear their West Vets sweaters whenever they play at our Meetings.
Look forward to seeing you all on a nice sunny day!!!"

Morag M. Key, Secretary.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


East and West Vets Team
East Vets Vice Captain Caroline Kinnaird presents
West Vet Vice Captain June Lockhart with the ASP Trophy

After a wonderful day’s golf at Kilmacolm, the West Vets team narrowly defeated the East Vets for the ‘Friendship Trophy’ after 5 foursomes matches.
It was truly a lovely day and the ladies saw Kilmacolm at its best - both the course and the scenery. The ladies were announced on the tee by club Vice-Captain Susan Reid and after the match, we were treated to a first class meal in the clubhouse.

The matches went as follows with the score 3 - 2 to the West Vets. 

West Vets named first: 
1. Carol Fell / Anne Judge beat Louise Campbell / Sue Cowie 6 & 4
2. Cathy Morton / Marion Stewart lost to Joanne Watt / Dorothy Thomson 4 & 2
3. Helen Robertson / Enid Young lost to Jane Neville & Fiona Ford 4 & 3
4. Karen Maxwell / Lynn McColl beat Vickie Sandeman / Tricia Smith 4 & 3
5. Anabel Kane / Morag Key beat Val Hallam & Phyl Early 5 & 3

Thanks go to Marion Stewart for organising the bookings of course and catering. 

June Lockhart ( Vice Captain )

Thursday, August 06, 2015


The veteran Ladies Golf Association Jamboree was held at Sherwood Forest Golf club, Nottinghamshire (4th - 6th August) - West Vets Gillian Kyle and Lesley Lloyd were in the team.
Unfortunately Scotland were last and won the wooden spoon.

L to R: Lorna Bennett, Kathleen Sutherland (Vice Captain), Alex Glennie, Gillian Kyle, Noreen Fenton (Captain), Lesley Lloyd, Sheena Wood, Lorna McKinlay, Meg Sievwright, Alison Bartlett.

The rookies.... Gillian Kyle, Lorna McKinlay and Meg Sievwright

Photos and reports  - courtesy of Gillian Kirkwood

Day 1 (South of England v Scotland)


Felicity Christine and Amanda Mayne beat Sheena Wood and Meg Sievwright 1up
Katherine Russell and Debbie Richards beat Alison Bartlett and Lorna McKinlay 2up
Jo Ramsey and Chris Quinn beat Gillian Kyle and Alex Glennie 7/6

Singles Results
South of England names first
Chris Quinn lost to  Sheena Wood 4/3
Julie Ballard beat Lorna Bennett 1up
Amanda Mayne halved with Lesley Lloyd
Katherine Russell beat  Lorna McKinlay 4/3
Carol Cass beat Meg Sievwright 2up
Debbie Richards lost Alison Bartlett 1down

TOTAL : South England 6.5 Scotland 2.5
Midlands 4 North 5

Day 2  - (Scotland v North of England) 

Scotland did slightly better than yesterday with a win in the foursomes against North of England to go into lunch 2 matches to 1 down

Sheena Wood and Lesley Lloyd lost to Cath Rawthorne and Gill Mellor 1 hole
Alison Bartlett and Alex Glennie beat Barbara Laird and Julie Wheeldon 3 and 1
Lorna Bennett and Gillian Kyle lost to Janet Melville and Chris stokes 3 and 2

In the singles in the afternoon --
Lesley Lloyd had the most substantial win for Scotland, with a 2 and 1 victory over Barbara Laird.   The other five singles matches went to the last green.   Sheena Wood led the order and lost by one hole to Sue Dye.  Lorna McKinlay, Gillian Kyle and Alex Glennie halved with Caroline Berry, Julie Wheeldon and Chris Stokes respectively.
Meg Sievwright, from Buckpool, made one of the most amazing come-backs in the history of the competition.  Six down after 7 holes,  and still six down after 10 against past British Seniors Champion, Janet Melville,  she dug deep and clawed her way back to be all square playing the last.  Unfortunately a lost ball in the right rough spoilt the "Come-Back Kid" story,  and she lost by one hole, but all credit to her determination not to be beaten out in the country.

Sheena Wood lost to Sue Dye 1 hole
Lorna McKinlay halved with Caroline Berry
Lesley Lloyd beat Barbara Laird 2 and 1
Gillian Kyle halved with Julie Wheeldon
Alex Glennie halved with Chris Stokes
Meg Sievwright lost to Janet Melville 1 hole

TOTAL: Scotland 3.5 North of England 5.5
In the other match, Midlands beat South by 5 matches to 4

Day 3  -  (Scotland v Midlands)

England North beat England South 6-3 and have won the VLGA Jamboree with three wins out of three at Sherwood Forest Golf Club, Nottingham .
The home division, Midlands, finished second with two wins and one loss. England South were third with one win and two losses. Scotland took the wooden spoon with no wins and three losses.
Scotland's singles record in the Veteran Ladies Jamboree at Sherwood Forest Golf Club, Nottingham is much better than their foursomes. Not match-winning but at least respectable.
Against the Midlands this afternoon the singles were halved with three points each, to make the result 6-3 in the Midlands favour.
Meg Sievwright led the order against British Seniors Champion, Julie Brown, and although beaten 4 and 3, she was only 1 over par.
Lorna McKinlay was one up playing the last against Lindsay Shaw, and a half in bogey 5s secured our first point.
Sheena Wood was one down playing the last against Carol Wild, and a cast iron 4 earned her half a point.
Lorna Bennett was also one down against Helen Lowe, and also won the hole to secure another half point.
Alison Bartlett beat Mary MacLaren by 4 and 3 and Lesley Lloyd went down by 5 and 4 against Sue Spencer.

(Midlands names first)
Mary MacLaren and Lindsay Shaw beat Sheena Wood and Lesley Lloyd 4 and 3
Caron Harrison and Sue Spencer beat Alison Bartlett and Lorna McKinlay 1 hole
Sue Penfold and Carol Wild beat Gillian Kyle and Alex Glennie 2 and 1
Julie Brown beat Meg Sievwright 4 and 3
Lindsay Shaw lost to Lorna NcKinlay 1 hole
Carol Wild halved with Sheena Wood
Helen Lowe halved with Lorna Bennett
Mary MacLaren lost to Alison Bartlett 4 and 3
Sue Spencer beat Lesley Lloyd 5 and 4

England North 6, England South 3.
1 England North 3pt
2 England Midlands 2pt
3 England South 1pt
4 Scotland 0 pt

To see all the results CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 02, 2015


The team ( and reserves ) for the match against the East at Kilmacolm has been chosen and I would like to ask if the players listed below would confirm to me that they are still available to play.

The match will take place on Tuesday 18th August, and tea/coffee/rolls will be available
from 11am.  The first match will tee off at 12 noon.

It would be appreciated if players could wear the vets sweater and white shirt.

The team is :-
1)  Carol Fell with Anne Judge
2)  Cathy Morton with Marion Stewart
3)  Liz Hale with Enid Young
4)  Karen Maxwell with Lynn McColl
5)  Anabel Kane with Morag Key

The reserves are :-
a) Helen Robertson  b)  Fiona Roger  c)  Evy McGregor  d)  Margaret Stirling

Many thanks to all others who put down their names for consideration, as we had an
amazing 21 names to choose from.
Here's hoping for good weather !!

June Lockhart (Vice Captain)