Monday, March 26, 2012


As some of you may already know, Ruth Henderson has sadly had to step down as our Secretary due to health problems.

Ruth's organisational skills and attention to detail during her two years as secretary have been second to none and I would like to express my thanks to her for all she has done to ensure the smooth running of the West Division.

On behalf of all the West Vets may I wish Ruth well and say how much we look forward to seeing her back on the golf course as soon as possible.

I am delighted to say that Morag Key, from Ralston Golf Club, a west vet for some time, has very kindly agreed to take on the Secretary's position. A very organised and methodical person, Morag has, for many years, been involved with Ralston Golf Club committee in many different capacities and I know she will be a great asset to the West Vets committee and I look forward to working alongside her.

Should anyone wish to contact Morag for any reason, we have now got a West Division email address:

We have a big entry for the Spring Meeting on April 26th and I look forward to seeing everyone at Ralston. I suspect this current spell of very special weather may have disappeared, but hope that we will have a dry, sunny day for our first competition.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Scottish Vets Captain Helen Faulds (West) and Vice Captain Noreen Fenton (East) are looking forward to playing in the Mary McKenna Trophy next month in Ireland. West Vet Mae Hughes and East Vet Lorna Bennett who are in the team are seen here all celebrating St Patrick's Day

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The Irish Select Team at Hilton Templepatrick GC Belfast, on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th April 2012.
Scottish Team
Captain: Helen Faulds
Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (Midland)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (East)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (Northern)

Anne Ryan (Highland)
Jill Harrison (Northern)
Alex Glennie (West)

Irish Team
Captain,  Terry Sexton  (Dun Laoghaire GC)
Suzanne Corcoran (Portumna)
Pat Doran  (Donabate)
Helen Jones (Strabane)
Mairead MacNamara (Woodbrook)
Sheena McElroy (Grange)
Pauline Walsh (Headfort)
Carol Wickham (Laytown & Bettystown)
Gertie McMullen (The Island )

Monday, March 12, 2012

Some West Vets are Cinderella Stars for D&A

Past Captain Helen Faulds was the director of the Cinderella performance given by some D&A stars at their County Lunch yesterday. Scottish Vets Vice President Sally Coster was one of the actresses.

To see the first version filmed 4 years ago click on the link below
Scottish Seniors 2008 Version of Cinderella


The AARP Negotiates with the USGA to Modify the Rules of Golf for Seniors!
Rule 1.a.5 A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at a point equal to the distance it carried or rolled into the rough with no penalty.  The senior should not be penalized for tall grass which groundskeepers failed to mow.
Rule 2.d.6 (b) A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree.  This is simply bad luck and luck has no place in a scientific game.  The senior player must estimate the distance the ball would have traveled if it had not hit the tree and play the ball from there.
Rule 3.b.3 (g) There shall be no such thing as a lost ball; the missing ball is on or near the course and will eventually is found and pocketed by someone else, making it a stolen ball.  The player is not to compound the felony by charging himself or herself with a penalty.
Rule 4.c.7 (h)  If a putt passes over a hole without dropping, it is deemed to have dropped.  The law of gravity supersedes the Rules of Golf.
Rule 5 Putts that stop close enough to the cup that could have blown in, may be blown in.  This does not apply to balls more than three inches from the hole.  No one wants to make a travesty of the game.
Rule 6.a.9 (k)  There is no penalty for so-called "out of bounds." If penny-pinching golf course owners bought sufficient land, this would not occur.  The senior golfer deserves an apology, not a penalty.
Rule 7.g.15 (z)  There is no penalty for a ball in a water hazard, as golf balls should float.  Senior golfers should not be penalized for manufacturers' shortcomings.
Rule 8.k.9(s)  Advertisements claim that golf scores can be improved by purchasing new golf equipment.  Since this is financially impracticable for many senior golfers, one-half stroke per hole may be subtracted for using equipment.
Please advise all your Senior friends of these important rule changes!

Thanks go to Janice Paterson for this one

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Support the Curtis Cup Team this year at Nairn

Support your Curtis Cup Team Poster .

Your Webmaster Carol Fell is a Contact person if you are looking for more details about the Curtis Cup which is being played at Nairn Golf Club on June 8th - June 10th 2012
To read some information on the BIG EVENT then go to the Renfrewshire County Website .