Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scotland Seniors make good start on Day 1 of the European Championships

Scotland made a steady start to the qualifying rounds from which the leading eight teams will make up the championship match-play flight in the European senior women's amateur team championship at Sporting Club Berlin today
On a testing course playing long, England's 23-over-par total of 383 - helped by a hole in one from Rozalyn Adams - was good enough to lead the first qualifying round by eight shots from France with defending champions Germany (394) third, Sweden (396) fourth and Scotland (399) fifth.
Fiona de Vries (St Rule), top-scored for the Scots with a 78, the joint sixth best overall. She was backed up by Heather Anderson (Alyth) and Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) with 79s, one ahead of Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies). Anne Ryan (Tain) had an 83 but her sister Mary Smith had a non-counting 85.
383 England (Caroline Marron 73, Christine Quinn 74, Rozalyn Adams 78, Susan Dye 78, Felicity Christine 80. Non-counting: Janet Melville 85).
391 France.
394 Germany.
396 Sweden.
399 Scotland (Fiona de Vries 78, Lorna Bennett 79, Heather Anderson 79, Moira Thomson 80, Anne Ryan 83. Non-counting: Mary Smith 85).
404 Switzerland.
411 Spain.
415 Ireland (Pat Doran 79, Violet McBride 82, Helen Jones 82, Sheena McElroy 85, Phil O'Gorman 87. Non-counting: Niamh Giblin 89)
421 Italy, Austria.
423 Belgium, Netherlands.
441 Denmark.
444 Portugal.
452 Finland.

Thanks go to Colin Farquharson for the report

Good Luck to the Scottish Senior Team in The European Team Championships in Berlin

The Opening Ceremony in Berlin
There are no West Vets in the The Scottish team that is playing in the Senior European Team Championship in Berlin which commences today -- the 31st August.
However, we wish the team every success:
Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Anne Ryan (Tain)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane)
First reserve Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Second reserve Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Manager Janet Wake (Merchants)

Monday, August 30, 2010

West Vets pair do well in the 2010 Scottish Foursomes Strokeplay Championship

Helen Faulds and Helen Robertson - Douglas Park - Click to enlarge 1st Handicap - Helen Faulds and Helen Robertson (Douglas Park)

Many Congratulations go to West Vets Helen Faulds and Helen Robertson who had the best net score in the the 2010 SLGA Scottish Foursomes Strokeplay Championships held at Douglas Park yesterday.
To read all about it --- Click on the following link --- The West of Scotland Ladies Golf Website

Friday, August 27, 2010

Maureen retains the West Vets Bronze Championship

The Bronze Chamionship Final was played yesterday at Renfrew Golf Club between Maureen Rennie (Douglas Park) and Jane Thomson (Ladies Club Troon).
It was a close fought match with never any more than two holes separating them. The overhead conditions were very pleasant and the course in excellent condition. Maureen moved two clear after the 16th with a lovely par 5 and the 17th was halved giving Maureen a 2 & l victory. Well done Maureen and well played Jane.
Unfortunately due to a fire in the kitchen and dining area at the Club, we were unable to celebrate Maureen's win.
The club had a bar area set outside, but as we left the course, the heavens opened and it did not seem a good idea to hang around!

We plan to celebrate some other time!

Round-up of SVLGA news --- Vets Newsletter 11 --- review around Scotland

A round-up of events where Vets from the different divisions have participated, is included in the SVLGA website (can be obtained on the Link down the right - hand side). Go into the SVLGA website and look for Vetsround under "Latest News" if you want to hear how friends from other divisions may be doing.

Thanks go to Noreen Fenton from East Vets for putting on all the latest news --- Newsletter 11 is now on -- Apologies to Noreen in the delay !!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Asp Trophy won by the East

Noreen Fenton and Fiona Roger - Click to enlarge Fiona Roger presents East's Noreen Fenton with the Asp Trophy (Photo Courtesy of Noreen Fenton) - Click to enlarge

In what could only be described as mixed weather conditions the East Vets beat the West Vets yesterday at Gullane by 3.5 to 1.5 and were delighted to win the Asp Trophy for the first time since 2004. The first 5 or 6 holes were played in heavy rain and conditions could only be described as miserable! However the heavy rain eased and conditions improved greatly.
This match was the usual format played as a scratch foursomes for ladies with handicaps 10 to 15 and all the games were very evenly matched although five of the West team had never played the course before. Two games went very much in favour of the East but the other three went all the way to the 18th green.
It is always a pleasure to play at Gullane and yesterday was no exception. We were warmly welcomed and had a lovely meal after the match with plenty of chat and laughter. Both captains, Noreen and Fiona said a few words and Fiona presented the Asp Trophy to a very happy East captain who couldn't keep the smile off her face! Well done! We look forward to our next meeting in 2011 in the West.
Thank you to all the West team who travelled to Gullane and tried their hardest to bring the Trophy back to the West!

Enid Young & Marion Stewart beat Gilly Glen & Ellice Cackett
Maureen Mitchell & Rena Simpson lost to Morag Wardrop & Dulcie Barnes
Cathy Morton & Lana MacDonald lost to Kate Johnstone & Pam Townsend
Ruth Henderson & Elinor Grant halved with Caroline Kinnaird & Sydena Cullen
Margaret Mowat & Fiona Roger lost to Carol McLeod and Sandra Ashurst

To see some photographs of the event (taken by East Vets Noreen Fenton) ---- CLICK HERE

Monday, August 09, 2010


East Vets Webmaster Noreen Fenton and member of the Scottish Team that won the Millar-Stirling Salver took plenty of photos . To see her Album CLICK HERE

Thanks Noreen --- They are great

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Scotland retains the Miller-Stirling Salver

Scotland has won the Miller-Stirling salver after a nail-biting finish. They beat the North by 6 - 3 which was the product of a regrouping and a re-attacking which one Scottish on-looking gent declared was something our football team should learn from. Having got 2/1 in the morning foursomes all that was needed was three points from the singles and whereas at one point this may have looked feasible, halfway through, Captain Pamela Williamson had changed into a ranging loony - is one allowed to say that? - as she wandered from one hole to the next trying to gather up possible points as they seemed to be slipping away. But slender leads were hung on to, dormie situations turned into halves and May Hughes serenely brought up the rear oblivious of what was transpiring elsewhere - she had the most glorious birdie four at the sixteenth (which in general rendered most people into quivering wrecks) to make the situation all the safer by becoming dormie two.
Thanks go to Easts Noreen Fenton for this report
To read more go to the East Vets Website

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Scotland Half their match against Midlands on Day 2 of the Jamboree

Wednesday 4th Results
Scotland v Midlands
Fiona de Vries and Anne Ryan bt Janet Melville and Julie Walter 2 and 1
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson bt Janet Doleman and Paula Parker 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett and May Hughes bt Gillian Curley and Andrea Stockdale 4 and 2

Lorna Bennett lost to Pat West 2 and 1
Fiona de Vries lost to Jo Ashmore 2 up
Heather Anderson bt Andrea Stockdale 2 up
Anne Ryan lost to Janet Melville 2 up
Moira Thomson halved with Julie Walter
Noreen Fenton lost to Janet Doleman 1 up
Scotland and Midlands halved match

South v North
Caroline Weir and Irene Brien lost to Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson 3 and 2
Chris Stirling and Jeannie O'Keefe lost to Caroline Marron and Sue Dye 5 and 4
Marianne Copp and Pat Bennett lost to Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington 5 and 4
Chris Stirling lost to Caroline Marron 2 up
Carole Weir bt Sue Dye 5 and 3
Irene Brien bt Barbara Laird 3 and 2
Jeannie O'Keefe lost to Ruth Lindley
Anne Bridges and Rosie Walter result awaited
Cathy Armstrong and Sue Warrington result awaited

North will have won against the South.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Scotland play North who have an unbeaten record. They have to win.

North 2 points
Scotland 1 1/2 points
Midlands 1/2 point
South 0 points

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vets Jamboree at Seascale Day 1 -- Scotland win against England South

Scotland have made a winning start in their campaign to retain the Miller Stirling Trophy at Seascale Golf Club in Cumbria.
In their first match against England South they won the foursomes 2-1 and in the afternoon won 4 of the 6 singles to finish 6-3. A good start.

Scotland v South
Heather Anderson and Anne Ryan bt Carole Weir and Irene Brien 2 up
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson lost to Chris Stirling and Jeannie O'Keefe 2 and 1
Noreen Fenton and May Hughes bt Marianne Copp and Pat Bennett 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett bt Carole Weir 4 and 3
Fiona de Vries bt Chris Stirling 1 up
Anne Ryan lost to Anne Bridges 1 up
Noreen Fenton bt Irene Brien 4 and 3
Mary Smith bt Cathy Armstrong 2 and 1
Heather Anderson lost to Jeannie O'Keefe 3 and 1
Scotland 6 South 3

Midlands v North
Janet Melville and Jo Ashmore halved with Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson
Gillian Curley and Andrea Stockdale lost to Caroline Marron and Sue Dye 2 up
Pat West and Julie Walter lost to Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington 2 up

Janet Doleman lost to Caroline Marron 3 and 2
Paula Parker lost to Fiona Anderson 2 up
Janet Melville bt Ruth Lindley 2 up
Jo Ashmore lost to Sue Dye 7 and 6
Julie Walter bt Pat Wrightson 3 and 2
Pat West lost to Rosie Walter 3 and 1
Midlands 2 1/2 North 6 1/2
Scotland play Midlands tomorrow and North on Thursday.