Monday, April 01, 2019

West Vets Donna, Gillian and Lesley help the Scottish Vets win the Mary McKenna Trophy

Gillian Lesley and Donna in the winning Scots Vets Team against the Irish 
The annual Scottish Vets v Irish Vets match for the Mary McKenna Trophy  was played at over Troon Portland yesterday and today - (31st March and 1st April).

West Vets Gillian Kyle, Lesley Lloyd and Donna Jackson were all part of the team with Liz Stewart (Reserve).

In a very tight match that went right down the wire all 3 players contributed to the Scottish win of 6.5 - 5.5

Results : Fourball match -- Scottish names first

Elaine Moffat and Lorna McKinlay beat  v Gertie McMullen and Catherine Reilly 4 & 3
Gillian Kyle and Frances Millar beat  Suzanne Corcoran and Alison Taylor 2 holes.
Sheena Wood and Donna Jackson  halved  Pat Doran and Margaret McCauliffe
Alison Davidson and Lesley Lloyd halved  Carol Wickham and Mary MacLaren 

Overall fourball score Scotland 3 Ireland 1

Singles : 
Lesley Lloyd halved with Carol Wickham 
Elaine Moffat lost to Catherine Reilly - 1 down
Gillian Kyle beat Pat Dorian 2&1
Donna Jackson beat Mary McLaren 4 &3
Alison Davidson beat Margaret McAuliffe 3&2
Lorna McKinlay lost to Suzanne Corcoran 4&3
Sheena Wood lost to Gertie McMullen 1 down
Frances Millar lost to Alison Taylor 4&3

Singles: Scotland 3.5 - Ireland 4.5

Final result: Scotland 6 1/2 Ireland 5 1/2 

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