Tuesday, August 16, 2016


West Vets Vice captain June Lockhart is presented with the Asp Trophy
by East Vets Vice Captain Caroline Kinnaird
Despite a few of the West Ladies having difficulty finding Baberton Golf Course this morning after Morning Rolls and Coffee the match was played on a gloriously sunny day. 
The West were just too strong for the East and retained the Asp Trophy 3 games to 2. 

West Team

East Team 
East names first :

Kate Johnston and Pat Meikle lost to Anabel Kane and Joanne Sharp 5 and 4 
Marion Glauch and Jane Nelson lost to Anne Judge and Carol Fell 7 and 5 
Louise Campbell and Clare Bowe won against Liz Hale and Enid Young 1 up 
Val Hallam and Janette Laing lost to Karen Maxwell and Lynn McColl 3 and 1 
Caroline Kinnaird and Ellice Cackett won against Cathy Morton and Marion Stewart 2 up 

Everyone enjoyed playing the course and we were treated to a lovely meal after the match. 
Thanks go to the catering staff for looking after us so well.

East Vice Captain Caroline Kinnaird presented the ASP trophy to West Vets Vice captain June Lockhart 

After the meal and presentation

Thanks go to the report and the photographs from Caroline Kinnaird (East) and June Lockhart (West)

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