Thursday, March 31, 2011

Draw for the West Vets Spring Meeting

The Draw for the Spring Meeting on Tuesday 19th April at Prestwick St Cuthbert has been done. It is a large entry and Captain Fiona Roger and Past Captain Helen Faulds (who has just completed the draw) would like you to take note that it is a large entry --- Over 90 entrants. They would both like you to make sure you are at the clubhouse well in time for your tee off and also to move smartly when out on the course to keep the play moving well.
Also they would like you to ENJOY YOUR DAY

Time Player 1; Player 2; Player 3.
09.30 E Dewar ; J Blackwood; R Gilbertson.
09.37 M Cook; J Finnie; J Mack.
09.44 A Glennie; A Aitken; N McCrossin.
09.51 E Taylor; A Telfer;
09.58 A Wilson; K MacAulay; H Faulds.
10.05 M Dunlop; E Bremner; S Carruthers.
10.12 M Hogg; K Murray; S McLean.
10.19 L Snodgrass; M Walker; Fiona Roger.
10.26 W McCallum; J MacGregor; L MacDonald.
10.33 J McCartney; R Simpson; E Hanlon
10.40 S Cadden; M Key; J Halley.
10.47 J Stewart; M Stewart; H Robertson.
10.54 M Myers; J Graham; A Mc Millan.
11.01 H Burnet; C Richmond; C Dingwall.
11.08 P Richmond; M Ramsay; C Finlayson.
11.15 J Paterson; C Fell; J Irons.
11.22 M Rees; S Shaw; M Cameron.
11.29 I McVicar; E Grant; M Craig.
11.36 S Osborne; H MacGregor; S Young.
11.43 E Park; J Lockhart.
11.50 S Greenshields; S Pickles; A Reid.
11.57 A MacKellar; S Coster; Maimie Robin.
12.04 G Rintoul; K McColl; P Robertson.
12.11 A Nicolson; A Robertson; P Kerr.
12.18 G Campbell; A Taylor; A Dunn.
12.25 M Gray; J Dow; D Horsefield.
12.32 L Stansfield; A Berry; M Galloway.
12.39 E Hodge; J Sinclair; A Murison.
12.46 S Niven; M Rennie; A MacDougall.
12.53 E J Thomson; I Kerr; M Camrass.
1.00 M McGhee; A Donnelly; H Crichton